Our journey begins

Welcome to our new website! This site will be one of our tools for communicating with our partners in ministry.

You may be wondering about the name. We view Luke as one of the scriptural examples for our ministry. Luke is often best remembered for two things: first, as the writer of both the Gospel of Luke and the later book of Acts, and second, for being a doctor. Obviously, as neither of us are medical workers, it is not his work as a physician that inspires us! Rather, we take note of the fact that Luke was a part of Paul’s missionary team who travelled with Paul, and through his participation in the work, was able to write the book of Acts, which has inspired the church for nearly 2000 years.

Like Luke, we will be coming alongside missionaries as they work in their new cultures. Like him, one of our contributions will be to write about and chronicle their work. In doing so, we trust that God will use our work to encourage and inspire his church. Also, we trust that, like Luke, we will be able to offer some practical assistance to the missionaries we serve with, whether that is in communications training or computer assistance.

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