When we leave

We don’t yet have a firm date for beginning our ministry with the Region of Southern Africa office, but we do have a window. Bryan is committed to working with his current employer, Keewatin Career Development Corporation, through April 15th, 2013. As you can imagine, after 16 years, there are a number of things to do before he can leave his current position without causing serious disruptions to KCDC. Our supervisor at ROSA would love for us to be on a plane to Johannesburg on April 16th, but that may not be possible!

Three other requirements come into play in determining when we begin our new ministry:

First, we must finish raising our financial support, both for the ongoing monthly requirements and for the one-time transition costs. If you want more information about this, take a look at the How you can get involved page.

Second, we must sell our house in La Ronge. We will not be able to put it on the market until we are approaching our required support, so it will be important that we can sell it quickly once we are ready to do so.

Third, we will need to receive our visas for living in South Africa.

Because of Bryan’s decision to leave KCDC, the organization is planning to restructure some operations and have given him a layoff notice for February 2014. This sets our window for our departure — somewhere between April 16, 2013 and February 2014. Obviously, both we and SIM ROSA are hoping that our transition will fall near the beginning of this window, rather than near the end.

We would appreciate your prayers for God’s timing in our transition, and for the necessary requirements to be met.

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